Avonturir, Array – Bring It Back [Invert Recordings]

Array is an adapt ego that is being utilized by DTX as a coeval music account, and ultimately this EP concluded his react to to the past 3 years of EDM sedulousness carbonation. Array in front turn loose with Invert Recordings was inopportune 2016 with an innovative path called Billion Dollar Restaurant check, which he renewed the path by collaborating with Invert Recordings' newly signed rich Footwork duo, Avonturir. Array is the adjust ego DTX, designer of Invert Recordings. Produce It Sponsor EP was inspired by the competition of allure EDM music help to its monogram constitution, where the musicality is motionless pucka and not perplexed by overrated visual. Although he own a note label, he has been supporting other Indonesia's journal labels such as Vamous Recordings and Laxity Recordings by releasing tracks with them.

Array - Bring It Back (Original Mix)
Array - The Last Chapter (Original Mix)
Array, Avonturir - Two Billion Dollar (Original Mix)