Avlish, Rick Tedesco, Bella, Seth Vogt – Living In The Moment (the Remixes) [M-Toxin Recordings]

M-Toxin Recordings presents a expressively rounded packet of remixes to extent the EDM genres in regularity to coax the ears of metrical the pickiest of listeners. Vogt. Following that we acquire a exterminator downtempo remix from Dylan .JK. Basic up, Rick Tedesco turns in a left-winger breakbeat mix that touches on every atmosphere of the earliest while keeping the dynamism on a nonstop fresh gesture. The hammering of this remix is a determined all the way through the intact footmarks, while placid keeping faithful to the primary melodiousness morphing into the sound that makes an Power K and Bella moulding their own. Next, we procure an astounding broad dwelling remix from Avlish. Most recent, but far from least we org Florida's Force K & Bella with an amazingly other proposals to a breakbeat remix. Dylan's remix is the typical example of what is episode in the raw section at the shake and keeps the aerosphere in a illustri habitat fully the unbroken construction. This remix, which has been getting common plays from Judah, showcases Avlish's kingpin facility at keeping a flat and melodic vibe until the ultimate note.

Seth Vogt - Living In The Moment (Dylan.JK.Vogt Remix)
Seth Vogt - Living In The Moment (Agent K & Bella Remix)
Seth Vogt - Living In The Moment (Rick Tedesco Remix)
Seth Vogt - Living In The Moment (Avlish Remix)