Aurora Night – Romel [Club Family Records]

Aurora Vespers all the time:

YouTube: Ahmed produces euphoric and uplifting Dream state music encompassing elements of model music, new age, chilling out and Ambient which is well valued in the cataleptic furor these days. We refer to this monitor as Pure Hypnotic which should suit to fans who passion this character. Aurora Nightfall has produced a rails in his own dynamic brand and added a illustri melodic element at the mental collapse with a sturdy combination of prototypical instruments like piano, violin and a group of gracious synth sounds. On of our appellation's artists is coming sponsor with as each remarkable origination. This era Aurora Dusk presents a celibate titled Romel. It is a put with not fair another subtitle as it was heavily influenced by Ahmed Romel from Emirates.

Aurora Night - Romel (Original Mix)
Aurora Night - Romel (Radio Edit)