Audiosyntax – Parsing [Alice-D Records]

As these frequencies open out stretch is divided wavelengths reassemble in neuronal pathways forming non-spiritual structures resonating in the biologic set-up s associative sorting out unfolds into a extrasensory route manifesting emergent states of being AudioSyntax is an ethereal program encoding the inner unutilized into the pulsating substance into the harmonic nub into the spiritual intellect

Audiosyntax - Shifting (Original Mix)
Audiosyntax - Korder & Aos (Original Mix)
Audiosyntax - The Sanctuary (Original Mix)
Audiosyntax - Parsing (Original Mix)
Audiosyntax - Desire (Original Mix)
Audiosyntax - Fulane (Original Mix)
Audiosyntax - Moprho Paradox (Original Mix)
Audiosyntax - Baltic Cave (Original Mix)