Audiomatiques, Hollen – Randomatic [Loose Records]

Hollen's Randomatic EP on Loose Records marks another strong point in a career that started in the late 80s in Naples, Italy. After becoming enamored with the local techno scene at a young age, Hollen devoted himself entirely to making his own contributions to the genre. His dedication to self-improvement put him on the decks next to living legends like Rino Cerrone and Josh Wink, and his music has graced labels like Suara, Kling Klong, and Saved Records. Audiomatiques joins Hollen on remix duties for this EP, throwing their own signature take on the title track with gusto.

Hollen - Randomatic (Original Mix)
Hollen - Randomatic (Audiomatiques Remix)
Hollen - Anatomy (Original Mix)