Audioglider – Subaquamarine [Section Records]

Section Records presents Audioglider's second full length artist album, "Subaquamarine". With this volume, Audioglider has taken elements of the dancefloor and concocted an evolution of his downtempo sound to create a modern balearic classic, condensing the album into what would be a classic electronica head's night out. Head nodders, hip shakers, smiles and glances, a head full of stardust, and memories of joy and nnostalgia created on a journey from anticipation, realisation and acquiescence.

Audioglider - Stockholm Syndrome (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Aerial View (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Edison Spark (Original Mix)
Audioglider - The Keymaster (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Driver XVX (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Moulin Bessou'ed (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Ocular Overkill (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Selective Amnesia (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Slideshow (Original Mix)
Audioglider - Always and Infinite (Original Mix)