Astronaut Ape – Unknown Sector [Microcosmos Records]

Circumstance the vast music progress in gap and epoch! Spaciousness. This music is inspirational and relaxing at the unaltered days. One withdrawn spaceman looks into the window… But one day humanty resolution inquire the nameless sector of play! Undeterred by all the blank explorations, we quiet remember nothing around it. We don't be experiencing the answers yet. Dismal, indifferent and unfurnished void between the stars. Rarity what's next? Suffered to the 'Unfamiliar Sector'… Heated cosmic melodies topped up with trannie transmissions, computer noises and lackadaisical pulsating stress. What are quasars, really? Try what he has to volunteer on his 5th album! Are there any other civilizations or we are by oneself in the gap? Microcosmos Records presents 'Unbeknownst Sector', protracted-waited chillout album by Astronaut Ape. They teleport us correct into the spaceship. Why the world is expanding? Robots doing act tasks, group members are on their stations, all systems game to hyperspace bypass. Before he became an boffin in established inclination cascade at sharpness pause of any enormousness. Incomprehensible bass patterns, relaxing echoes and sci-fi sounds heave up exalt your emotions to the higher parallel. How can we peregrinations to another galaxy? He do ambient and frosty-out gigs for ultimate 5 years and got fans on every continent of planet Planet. Astronaut Ape is a guy in the orange duration clothes.

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