Ashwin Khosa, Jay Tripwire, ThermalBear, Leman & Dieckmann – Northern Jungle / Tempted [Motek Music]

Having been on remix duty on the last Motek release, Copenhagen duo Leman & Dieckmann have delivered a stunning two track EP to the label. Full of Tribal and Tech elements, originals 'Northern Jungle' and 'Tempted' sit right across the Deep Tech House spectrum. 'Northern Jungle' is a skippy, bouncy piece of House. Fast moving bass and tom sections provide the foundation for the African rhythms, effects and tuned percussive elements to take centre stage. 'Tempted', whilst keeping the Tribal elements in the percussion, has a much deeper atmosphere to it. Strong punchy bass hits sit with low drone textures to create this darker feel. Warmth is created in the track with soft yet haunting lead keys and arpeggiating synths. Remixing this release we welcome back ThermalBear and Jay Tripwire. Added to this we have Ashwin Khosa with his first track on Motek. Real variety has been brought to this release with ThermalBear who has turned 'Northern Jungle' into a masterful piece of upfront House. Many classic House elements can be heard, from the Bass sounds to the 5th string chord hits. Jay Tripwire has put his take to Tempted, a driving remix that keeps on pushing. A strong bass drone with punchy rhythmical touches has provided the foundation on which original elements are picked out. Ashwin Khosa has added bounce and real danceability to Tempted. Fast grooving percussion rhythms and a crisp bass line create this feel, mixed with hints to the original lead line and more experiments pad and effect elements.

Leman & Dieckmann - Northern Jungle (Original Mix)
Leman & Dieckmann - Tempted (Original Mix)
Leman & Dieckmann - Northern Jungle (ThermalBear Remix)
Leman & Dieckmann - Tempted (Jay Tripwire Remix)
Leman & Dieckmann - Tempted (Ashwin Khosa Remix)