Ashod, Table Daddy, Pontchartrain, Man Vs. Indian Man – Ice Accountant [Rocksteady Disco]

Here we get all of Haywood's moving vocals, coupled with Finkelstein's esoteric synthesizer business. Featuring Detroit artists Evan Haywood and Ian Finkelstein (the latter of Scott Grooves' Overdubs keyboard name) as MAN VS INDIAN MAN, Ice Accountant boasts Rocksteady Disco's most exalted-statistics lineup from its releases to old. The EP kicks off with LA's Electro Pharaoh himself, Egyptian Lover, living up to the on's frosty privilege, entire with his signature 808 and vocoder stylings. Hailing from Itajubá, Brazil, Tabular Daddy kicks off the B-Side with his off colour, bittersweet yet skilful and melodic Techno decoding that in reality flips and distorts the provenience real in peculiar, compelling and unexpected ways; fans of Kyle Passage's Unpopulated Oats and Jay Daniels' Watusi Considerable are trustworthy to caress this remix. Rocksteady Disco closes the torrid opportunity ripe with the apropos Ice Accountant EP by MAN VS INDIAN MAN, sonically chronicling the modification from summer to cascade in Detroit. Rounding out the five-pursue transit is ASHOD's "Cloud Nine." A sublimely executed downtempo, slomo manufacture that quite incorporates Haywood's electrifying dubbed-out vocals, it's wonderfully-suited as an after-hours closing be aware of. Detroit's Disco au Courant Pontchartrain grabs the baton for the next cut with an uplifting remix that wishes possess you wishing summer would on no occasion end. It sees him on the keyboard and a unorthodox, snobbish synth unaccompanied from Finkelstein. MVIM's initial portrayal comes in at Trail 4, done getting the vinyl publish it deserves.

Man Vs. Indian Man - Ice Accountant (Egyptian Lover Remix)
Man Vs. Indian Man - Ice Accountant (Pontchartrain Remix)
Man Vs. Indian Man - Ice Accountant (Table Daddy Remix)
Man Vs. Indian Man - Ice Accountant (Original Mix)
Man Vs. Indian Man - Cloud Nine (Ashod Production)