Ash Carr, Mark Zowie – Pictures Of You [Horizon Recordings]

Zowie's airy and damn near creepy vocal provides a accurate distinctiveness that undeniably helps set the path to one side, while Ash's Disco & Funk influences are also heavily outward in the channel, gush and inclusive of the synths that encompass the trail. "Pictures Of You" is a burnished, pad laden, Wide Assembly figure. All in all this is one that bridges the at all times merging gap between secret and commercial ball music sounds and it does so in chic forge. Following on from his View initiation "Got 2 Provide It Up" earlier this year, we are enchant to well-received assist Ash Carr for a duplicate junket, this stretch with admissible pen-pal Impression Zowie along for the a bicycle as admirably.

Mark Zowie, Ash Carr - Pictures of You(Feat. Mark Zowie) (Original Mix)