Artem Leer – Sattva [Polena Records]

Artem Ogle enveloping album of genuine flavors of many states of brain, magical distil draws you on a trip almost the mankind. It relaxes the main part, It inspires the grey matter, Uncovers spellbinding shade of circle cultures. Enormous soundscapes backed by a backward throbbing time, solitary nature fractions are accented and then private in the piece by piece emerging harmonic aspect. Polena Records now the new let by Artem Ogle called Sattva. Something expanding, weightless and shimmering, all this and more in an dazzling and in all honesty magical outing into the the world at large of our dreams, where each purposefulness light upon a their own!

Artem Leer - Xornada Densa (Original Mix)
Artem Leer - Sarasvati (Original Mix)
Artem Leer - Uraan (Original Mix)
Artem Leer - Suntsipena (Original Mix)
Artem Leer - Stigna (Original Mix)
Artem Leer - Neuron (Original Mix)
Artem Leer - Himaalay (Original Mix)
Artem Leer - Sunshine (Original Mix)
Artem Leer - Mila Splendid Suns (Original Mix)