Art of Man – Love From Afar [Shaman Electro Records]

yet dejectedly a dismemberment exists in our clique today. ::: Thousands of years be subjected to passed. We can not switch the humanity alone but each one of us has a unequalled know-how to grant something, ages we do that there is a prospect for something proper to make out. Engender the irrit down and know the "Friendship from afar", because its at most a homiletic try separating us from being one the track of humans! This circulate aims to propagate our consciousness and awareness to the issues at index and with any luck as a consequence art which solitary loving men and women of our divine planet Gaia can make for your wonderful bewitching hearts, brains and ears. The Israeli and Palestinian successive row is making our crux cry and our should shriek in torment for the brutality and hatred to a close. Art of Man is a Ethnic music occupation which wishes to do unprejudiced this. We are all brothers and sister coming from a rise of astronomical proportions who are chasing to set neighbor against neighbor, we set up walls to part one another from the genuineness and enjoyment which can single develop when we desist from the split-up prepare and bear healing and amity into our strong lives. The earth turns again and again, we catch forty winks and wake up and go yon our quotidian lives reasonable wishing for cheer and fancy to enclose us and allure us closer to the vibration that is authentic and detailed of goodness and gentle sensation. Shaman Electro Sport and Shaman Electro Records are proud to present-day our next unloose due to come up out in virtuous two weeks: 'Warmth from Afar' by: Art of Man aka Alon Chetrit. like mild and ending to segregation.

Art of Man - Ngoni Ritual (Original Mix)
Art of Man - Love From Afar (Original Mix)