Aroy Dee, Ma Spaventi – Isola Sommersa [M>O>S (Delsin)]

Marco Antonio Spaventi, the Italian based in Amsterdam, is presenting Isola Sommersa this spring, his second full length album. It comes out on his regular M>O>S Recordings and boasts nine tracks of typically rugged and refreshing house sounds that are deep, atmospheric and perfect for the `floor. From spaced out and dreamy fair to bottomless house via light-footed grooves and more menacing workouts, it is a timeless work from start to finish….

Ma Spaventi - Tape Noodles (Original Mix)
Ma Spaventi - Simple Mind (Original Mix)
Ma Spaventi - Missing Sunlight (Original Mix)
Ma Spaventi - Bruiloft (Aroy Dee Percussion Mix)
Ma Spaventi - Best Regards (Original Mix)
Ma Spaventi - Undisclosed Intermezzo featuring S. Thuraya (Original Mix)
Ma Spaventi - Luna Piena (Original Mix)
Ma Spaventi - Smooth Professor (Original Mix)
Ma Spaventi - Titanic Moments (Original Mix)