Armando Araiza – Don’t Wanna Be In Love [Water Bear Records]

The dissection artfully poises the vocals to the forefront, creating a profound swell in dynamism which kicks things assist into outfit in a grave, controlled performance. A congested gambol-minimum jaunt that aims to elect minds and agitate bodies. Pit with a hidden series of plucks which seamlessly segway into a wonderfully rolling bassline, we are greeted with a tastefully basic synth strain which carries the impulse to the unfolding female vocals, bringing an ardent gravity to the more deeper territories of the road. Armando Araiza delivers the next contribution from Distilled water Endure, a glossy peaceful and steady slice of tech congress that dances on the periphery of reformer and delivers in all the accurate ways.

Armando Araiza - Don't Wanna Be In Love (Original Mix)