Arkasia – Polymorph [Symphonic Distribution]

His plain melodious roots and incident playing in both orchestras and metal bands is manifest everywhere in his compositions, notwithstanding his creations reach far beyond the realms of Serious and Metal, IDM, Dubstep and Drum&Bass into undiscovered territories! Arkasia's music fronts a on of mellowness and discernment seldom seen in the EDM existence. With « Polymorph », he crosses another bourn by mixing metal and electronic music and the outcome is certainly advantage it ! Distributed By Symphonic Allotment – One of the brightest shining lights to become known from the electronic music background in just out times, his music has earned him depreciating acclaim from all corners of the ball and a rapidly growing die-dense fan bottom. A eminent faculty of lacuna, build and surge gives his din a exhilarating nub of variation. His disgusting compositions are operating, weighty and uplifting, delightful and haunting, and set be in contact with the truly depths of your force. His miscellaneous series of EPs and albums is staggering and sits at the exceedingly top of the charts every make available. Arkasia's arise to the higher up echelons of the EDM the public has been nothing stunted of brief. Fit for the big concealment, Arkasia's music has been licensed for pre-eminent motility films like Neil Blonkhamp's "Elysium" starring Matt Damon and Jodie Care for. Arkasia's euphonious business came at the undeveloped age of five when he mastered the violin, and continued agreeably into his teens where he was composing mini-operas by age 15.

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