Ario, Lucas Ferreyra, DJ Fronter, Guessbeats – Krekel [Noexcuse Records]

Italian grower Ario offers a impenetrable-hitting remix of "My Friends" with the spirit being shifted from the pulsating rhythms to a extravagant-paced, fat bass channel that reverberates throughout the keep a record of. In days of old being featured on NoExcuse Summer VA termination year, we are thrilled to take the Dutch duo aba with two stomping originals, and three resilient remixes. A chief vocal extract teamed with a pulsating cadency segment swells up the strain help of the breakdowns, whilst holding a continual make available of drive with every fall. Starting off the EP is the in front first, "Krekel", featuring a annoyed cut that forms the bedrock for the rails. "Krekel" EP by Guessbeats and Kidmalone, exclusively brought to you by NoExcuse Records. DJ Fronter introduces his signature critical kicks, as okay as fortifying the underlying bass to configuration a strong climax-stretch tech-blood slammer. The next prototypical "My Friends" is a deep grooving line that is made to get the swarm dancing. A compressed bass riff and express-paced syncopated snares construction the pit of the pursue, driving it insolent. Guessbeats & Kidmalone – Krekel EP

This autumn, NoExcuse Records are disturbed to meet Guessbeats and Kidmalone with their exotic five prints EP, "Krekel". "Krekel" is complimented furthermore by an vibrant remix from DJ Fronter, and a percussive breaker from Lucas Ferreyra. Erection up too with refined percussion and a noticeable vocal leitmotif, the anxiety in this oversee continually heightens. The prominent vocal cull out is emphasised again wholly the remix, seizing the moving rationale of the genuine. Augmenting a stripped-uphold understanding of the native with a heterogeneity of percussive elements, as fabulously as capturing the magic of the vocal ornament, Lucas Ferreyra's uptempo remix is the epitome fashionable-darkness rolling-pin. Apprehensive breaks are then followed by big drops that superintend in to a bass driven rifle, gearing this railway to get the throng accepted in the first hours. This low-slung keep up with is most talented suited for beginning-hours or up to date incessa dedication.

Guessbeats, Kidmalone - Krekel (Original Mix)
Guessbeats, Kidmalone - Krekel (Dj Fronter Remix)
Guessbeats, Kidmalone - Krekel (Lucas Ferreyra Remix)
Guessbeats, Kidmalone - My Friends (Original Mix)
Guessbeats, Kidmalone - My Friends (Ario Remix)