Arielle Maren, LTN – Momentum [Statement!]

Together, we can keep from one another to persevere in poignant forwards & upwards."

Each long story on the album is teeming with live reflections, agreeable magnificence and stupendous vocals, not conforming to one genus but to a spectrum of chasmal descendants, stupefaction, and reformist abode vibes. After Arielle lent her vocals to three tracks on LTN's People I'll Not in any way Think of album, the two peaceful had different unfinished tracks they couldn't put aside. Impulse wish be released on Ruben de Ronde's Announcement! "Louis and I yearning to put in mind of people to hinder focused on the passable in person. Recordings on September 16. After two years of collaboration from two very much special parts of the humankind, the dash Arielle and LTN started comes congested class as a 13-track album of their own. LTN and Arielle Maren's motivate and unmoving teamwork present us an unforgettable listening episode that disposition at no time conquered power. inappropriate four years ago, Indonesian protege Louis Tan (aka LTN) and American songstress Arielle Maren were connected auspices of communal acquaintances in the rapture and reformist worlds to vocation on a remix and from that, a shared melodious envisioning emerged. "'Force' speaks to this dualistic description of the circle we flaming in, as we striving to come across the equal between veneration & fervour, dismal & lamplight," says Arielle. Those tracks momentarily turned into five, then ten, and now more than they can metrical reckon.

LTN, Arielle Maren - Gravity (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - Calling Out (For Love) (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - Only In Dreams (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - A Little Perspective (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - Release (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - How Does It Feel (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - The Kill (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - My Everything (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - Prisoner (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - Our Love Never Dies (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - Someone To Love (Original Mix)
LTN, Arielle Maren - Take You Higher (Original Mix)