Argyria – Barish Ke Baad [Mystic Sound Records]

The platoon was formed in 2009 and includes the mind Zoran Zlatkovski, agreeably known as Psychoz, Vivan Sanjana, known as DJ Jeto, and the notable Indian soloist Sandhya Sanjana, renowned for her go-go participation. The crown of the album means 'after flood', and the music reflects the inherited interaction with the description. ' Baarish Ke Baad' consists of 9 sui generis tracks fulfilled by ethnic spirit. Use to advantage this toothsome album and consider the untrained air as you were in the magical forest fair after the potent showers. Mystic Ri Records presents the other album of an global chillout occupation Argyria – 'Baarish Ke Baad'. Comfortable breakbeats, tribal percussion and well-fixed abundant in fusion of dynamic instruments – this is the reverberate of Argyria. This triptych delivers a fusion of contemporary electronic and chillout, combining sphere music elements and Indian exemplary vocals and influences. Basic album of Argyria was released by Avatar Records.

Argyria - Barish Ke Baad (Original Mix)
Argyria - Divine Treasure (Original Mix)
Argyria - Dreams (Original Mix)
Argyria - Durga Vandan (Original Mix)
Argyria - Heer (Original Mix)
Argyria - Mangalam (Original Mix)
Argyria - Mystic Kingdom (Original Mix)
Argyria - Nomadic Winds (Original Mix)
Argyria - Trancedental Highway (Original Mix)