Arfil, Andre Butano, Philippe Liard, Argenis Brito – Arbolea Ep [Bad Barbie Records]

The tocsin hearing working as pad, and the acid synth that appears in the backend of the essential disclose working as the alternative melodic essential, shows up mostly to reset the heads of the thrust and board channel prospering on after the let go. Their untie is called Arbolea EP and it contains two archetypal tracks. The key one is Arbolea, which presents a tech buil but a leisurely and cuckoo gouge driven mostly by synth bass crinkle that carries out the sound vibe of the line. For this vinyl save we be subjected to the satisfaction to convey you a collaboration between three monstrous producers, Andre Butano and Arfil, which is the new duo that includes Argenis Brito and Philippe Liard. The other road called Ribald Harry, presents a more minimalistic shaping and variety of sounds, but at no time leaving behind that funky tech pattern that characterizes these producers. These are obviously two enormous pieces of occupation, issue of an moving collaboration from these extensive producers. Distinct other sounds are for the present to initiate a tremendous vibe as the a few percussion sounds that, again, are blended wholly to each other. The sooner melodic locale for this footprints results from the bass virgule, which adds just a few but vital notes to promote up the spirit with repose due to its superb arraying. Further that, we be experiencing a middling amount of percussive and iterated elements that creates personal layers of sound, which are also explicitly placed together with a weird articulation between them.

Argenis Brito, Philippe Liard, Andre Butano, Arfil - Arbolea (Original Mix)
Argenis Brito, Philippe Liard, Andre Butano, Arfil - Dirty Harry (Original Mix)