Aredis Djeghalian, Adam from Polen – Kingdom Of Heaven [Se7enth Fury Grammaton Records]

Adam from Polen & Aredis Djeghalian – Kingdom of Heaven. A Monumental Adventure

Kingdom of Heaven, an EP by Adam from Polen & Aredis Djeghalian will prepare you for an epic adventure of monumental proportions, as this multi-layered track emerges from a sea of complex instrumentation. Surprisingly, what seems like a frenzied introduction, dramatically converges into soft waves of orchestra melodies. Adam from Polen & Aredis Djeghalian, both avid musicians and producers have charted the path not only to greatness, but to timeless classics as well.

Presenting a unique fusion that stands in a class by itself, Kingdom of Heaven is an rare, but delightful conglomeration of adventure and mystery. Those who enjoy music that encases the spirit and awakens the mind will appreciate the artistic work developed by Adam from Polen & Aredis Djeghalian.

Expressive chords and harmonious synthesizers lay the groundwork for another meeting between now and the future as the production intensifies with another round of fast-paced synths.

Intertwined within a multi-faceted listening experience is a cinematic energy that is remarkably unmistakable. Adam from Polen and Ardeis Djeghalian give fans access to a trance realm that has rarely been seen before. Delivering the quintessential trance experience, Kingdom of Heaven is a production poised to resonate with anyone who appreciates the carefully crafted sounds of electronic music and orchestra compositions.

Adam from Polen, Aredis Djeghalian - Kingdom of Heaven (Original Mix)