Arcade 82, Jonse, Bengt van Steegen – Circus Charlie [Deepartment Records]

The electronic duo, both hailing from the UK, be undergoing performed their energetic usher this year at the hottest nightclubs and festivals in the Midway East including Filthy Marlin UAE, DXBeach Red-letter day, Audiotonic 360, Pacha Ibiza Dubai, F1 Abu Dhabi, Eden Careen Bat to rating a slight few. With a vigorous party of chasmic, operating basslines and sincere, filthy vocals, you can be confident that Arcade 82 are making their splotch in the glowing electronic household music spot. Deepartment presents Arcade 82, from Dubai with a sturdy deephouse correspondence including a top indent remix from our householder artists Jonse & Bengt van Steegen.

Arcade 82 - Circus Charlie (Jonse & Bengt Van Steegen Remix)
Arcade 82 - Circus Charlie (Original Mix)