Apiento, Pharaohs, CFCF – On Vacation Remixes [International Feel Recordings]

International Feel launched their minialbum series late last year and second in line was CFCF with 'On Vacation' which many hailed as one of the finest of 2016 so far. As ever we asked a few people we like to do some versions.

Pharaohs come from LA and blend Liston Smith vibes in a modern electronic context. They have released music on ESP Institute and 100%% Silk. Their take on 'Pleasure Centre' is a bongo driven ride with acoustic guitars and jazz infused flute harmonics. It's a lovely thing.

CFCF himself takes on 'Fleurs laisses dans un taxi' in a beautiful balearic style. Super mellow with sweet guitar in a classic Pat Metheny style brings out the melody with the pads & syncopated drums and percussion rolling away in the background.

Apiento takes the chance to reedit 'Chasing' which was one of our favourites from the label. A little dub and an extension is all it takes to let this one breathe for a little longer.

Across the board good from International Feel. Enjoy.

CFCF - Pleasure Centre (Pharaohs Remix)
CFCF - Fleurs Laisses Dans Un Taxi (CFCF Re-Version)
CFCF - Chasing (Apiento Edit)