Apex, A.II, Ojivas – Transcendence [Unica Records]

Our first series of releases "Rituales" has a sort of anthropological feel to it. In this series, Unica asks its producers to explore themes and archetypes that are common to many cultures and belief systems throughout history, and embed them with fresh sounding elements.

Transcendence, the first EP in this series, is a collaborative effort by Unica's founding producers: , Apex and Ojivas. It features three tracks in which ancient and exotic vibes are spliced with daring grooves and eclectic textures, resulting in a timeless synthesis of the ancient and the new; the foreign and the local; the inner and the outer.

Ojivas - Moksha (Original Mix)
A.II - Epilogos (Original Mix)
Apex - Vhima (Original Mix)