Anymal, Gabb – Triatomic Ep [Unique Sound Records]

Fetching you to the droid men in collaboration with Anymal, with a lollapalooza constrain, sudden measured sections, and a huge introduction to the circle of composition, while maintaining the main backlash and bassline handle and a genuine take up of percussion sections and drum breaks, they delivered 'Lamyna'; Psytrance at its excellent. Mathematically speaking, 'Trigonometrical' is nature based on fake flute, filled with a consummately matched vocal phrases. Driven by twisted melodic bassline, distorted synth stubs and black atmosperics textures, Gabb has nailed a dear psychedelic wisdom. Pushing seem envisage techniques to the limit, Gabb has crafted an psychoneurotic yet groundbreaking helping of art 'Triatomic' EP.

Gabb, Anymal - Lamyna (Original Mix)
Gabb - Trigonometrical (Original Mix)