Antone Pieete – The Menu Ep [Ovum Recordings]

Heady and spirituous with itspercussive, funky drums and undulating keys, its carries us on its woozy surge of rolling in it analogue bass. Anton Pieete is known for his outstanding, textured secure on Legislature & Techno. Our appetency is other satisfied by the deeper polished tones of Lite Verdant. Believe in :

Help from: Josh Wink, Joris Voorn, DJ Gehenna, Huxley, Doc Martin, Plow Von Sein, Anja Schneider, &Me, Catz N Dogz and more! While it may be our starter; chief dish Peven is obviously more of a strongest ambit. Its malleable, fashionable Architecture glyph is governed by its pulsating bassline and compact rebound-drum as lazer synths swoop and claps pep on thisclassy cosmic jam. Now he turns upon his latest wares to Ovum, with another portentous oblation in the disguise of TheMenu. BN300s sudden and creepy strings are at odds with its frenetic bouncing bass strain and yet together theywork in unabridged tunefulness to spawn our irrevocable euphonious acceptance from The Menu. The Dutchman has drained late years exploring the reaches of his analogue set up, releasing a strand of hugely all the rage EPs for Joris Voorns Rejected imprint.

Antone Pieete - Peven (Original Mix)
Antone Pieete - Lite Green (Original Mix)
Antone Pieete - BN 3000 (Original Mix)