Anton MAKe, Graziano Raffa, Shai T – Eastern Wind [Asymmetric Recordings]

This supervise is a cheerful bouncing gem, laced with shadowy elements and shrouded with eastern vibes. (c) 2016 Asymmetric Recordings/Dip
(p) 2016 Asymmetric Recordings/Dip The pulchritude is in the fatigue here, as gentleness meets crinkly beats, and creates a fantastic soundscape, while determinedly haeing both feet on the cavort fell. Its both obscure and sound, but erotic and refined. Heading to Russia for the duplicate remix, as Anton Assemble takes his make over to induce some bedlam. The brand forewoman from Sudbeat Records Graziano Raffa steps up on remix duties, and with his prosperity of sch delivers a life-and-death workout. Shai T delivers a inscrutable gem entitled 'Eastern Boloney'. The uber controlled Italian organizer and DJ Utilises the archetypal vibe of Eastern flavours, and creating a mesmerising vibe, this remix wishes grounds chaos on the dancefloor (in the nicest reachable way).

Shai T - Eastern Wind (Original Mix)
Shai T - Eastern Wind (Graziano Raffa Remix)
Shai T - Eastern Wind (Anton Make Remix)