Anti GasMask Techno Militia, Emir Hazir, 3phazegenerator, Nervejammer – Relay [Recoil]

with its percussive underline and tuned rebound rolling eternally brazen. An emotive synth crease joins the breaks and gives a completely unshakable funky end with say stabs. AGTM RC003 A joyous observation of hoof it. A driving bass furrow and wonky stabs allow lavishness of trough. Captured by mighty colander in check and an beguiling atmospheric whiff and thudding. 3Phazegenerators 'Can't Lay off The Smeag' Celebrates cats who subject to the vets! A cadenced construction mingle of a linked percussion bass and synth strip. Emir Hazir Debuts with UR. A metallic off thump percussive usher joined by fired up withdrawn stabs and tribal toms. Melding as the attune grows with joyless commodious atmospheric synths. A raw analog arpeggio opens out into difficult filtered held notes. Nervejammers.

Nervejammer - 22.04 (Original Mix)
3phazegenerator - Can't Stop The Smeag (Original Mix)
Emir Hazir - UR (Original Mix)
Anti GasMask Techno Militia - RC003 (Original Mix)