Anti GasMask Techno Militia, 3phazegenerator, Andreas Florin, Paranormal – Merge [Recoil]

The second instalment brings Paranormal to the fore with the spectral epic Plainfield Ghoul. Thunderous rolling yet enticing side chained stabs breathe through the building atmosphere of this classic epitaph!
Ionic Benton's Moanon joins the fray with yet more original building frequencies. The soaring metallic yell of this creation way outlasts the last reverb of this pulsing builder.
Introducing Andreas Florins debut on the label with the sultry and future driven Asteroid Aprophis. Clear like a bell yet driven full of undercurrent and tribal textures. Slamming its way to the next generation.
3Phazegenerators Magnetic Flux bounces in a merge of floor driven 'anxt ', yet filled with an evolving lead that pushes the funk laden groove and glitch of the peak time fantasia. Wildly distorted yet clearly laden.
AGTM the unfaded warriors of techno arrive with more frequency questing! This dark driven menace overloaded with phase lined percussion rolls and some purposeful breaks diving into atmospheric expansion!

Paranormal - Plainfeild Ghoul (Original Mix)
Ionic Benton - Moanon (Original Mix)
Andreas Florin - Asteroid Apophis (Original Mix)
3phazegenerator - Magnetic Flux (Original Mix)
Anti GasMask Techno Militia - RC002 (Original Mix)