Ant Mania – Jumped Off The Porch [Symphonic Distribution]

"Jumped Off The Porch"
Hear the story from a young hungry artist, Ant Mania brings the OUT THE MUD lifestyle to REALITY. With a strong beat pattern Ant Mania takes you on a walk through the South Linden streets of Columbus Ohio. Out The Mud is one of those songs you easily relate to growing up in the inner city. From the hood to the suburbs fans are ready for "Jumped Off The Porch" to drop. Ant Mania gives you a peace of the game other artist won't give out. Feel the passion of Jumped Off The Porch "ate sardines and Ramen Noodles when my stomach was weak" you'll hear the rest.. "Jumped Off The Porch is a sideline view of the street from Ant Mania. Most don't have it easy Jumped Off The Porch shows and tells you from a younger generation point of view whats going on "stuck up Ni**a's for they Jordan's cause my parents was cheap" for 3 minutes and 16 seconds step into a day in South Linden.

Ant Mania - Jumped Off The Porch (Original Mix)