Anonym, Lauhaus – Dyson Sphere [Off Recordings]

Anonym steps up for a trippy minimalistic remix of 'Transits', an paragon set opener. Things drop-kick off with 'Dyson Spherule', a rolling bassline serves as fundament for a recondite and toolish stria, topped by spacy synth pads and stabs. After being introduced to the OFF camp-ground by a million of sets on OFF showcases for everyone the earth, Amsterdam-based DJ-Manufacturer Lauhaus presents his opening night EP as one of the new marrow artists on the stamp. The 'Dyson Dub takes things into an flush with rawer administering, a weighty subbass, distorted chords, and dynamic oldschool drums pressurize the street flip. 'Transits' offers a deeper vibe, whole for the afterhour or a chilled sunday afternoon set. 'Motion' completes the ep with batty hypnotic techno vibes.

Lauhaus - Dyson Sphere (Original Mix)
Lauhaus - Dyson Dub (Original Mix)
Lauhaus - Transits (Original Mix)
Lauhaus - Transits (Anonym Magimix)
Lauhaus - Flux (Original Mix)