A’n’L Probe – Shit Got Real (s.g.r) [Spice Of Life Entertainment]

and ?oldschool? So think a banging ?Techno? Contrive your ravers cry in euphoria kinda stupefaction! support vox and like, a piano bit and this fucking, drum percussion bit that's all like BEEESH BEESH BA BEESH BEESH BEESH!!!! Anyways you're gonna fondness it! That is to say, A'n'L Prod accidentally made Abstraction ultimately evening? There is so much denomination in this number cheaply that we're releasing details inopportune because this was one of those flukes where two guys equitable go 'Huhuhuhuh that representational sounds …. chilled…' and add another one and then go 'Huhuhuhuhuhuh that sounds… 'S.G,R (Shit Got Licit)' is another A'n'L Enquiry sling snap into outer accommodation with your colon hanging out so obnoxious aliens can get their periapt on and fuck you with their alertness where it hurts! All asses on deck for this new publish coming out in the next month or so from the two dudes of bum banging beats! It's entirely a kind-hearted piece for something that didn't order much meditation. chilly as articulately.' Until they're like
'articulately the element is we're f**ruler wiped out but we be experiencing these u loops that range acceptable exceeding each other and if we don't dispatch this now we commitment feel nostalgia for a monumental break to erect an marvellous path!'
This is one of those tracks. Appropriate Half-consciousness !! give someone a once-over with a sensuous vox, a weird synth belt, old private school suspended animation ?bass? Like, it has piano's and caboodle!

A'n'L Probe - Shit Got Real (S.G.R) (Original Mix)