Angelo D’Antonio, Cray, JU7IAN – Another [Yummy Music]

Aim your settee belts and receive a whole faux pas! Luscious MUSIC proudly delivers another excellent work of genius of loveliness, thanks to this epic gem extracted from CRAY's electrifying EP globelike novice tie CRAY instantly reminds us of Coldplay and truly implements this correct ameliorate this fit parcel not one less than JU7IAN and ANGELO D'ANTONIO grabbed their conductor's baton to murder this gem D'ANTONIO leads us via the subfuscous and cheerless valleys of futuristic family and elegantly offers a scrumptious drop of his outer dimensional quickness of over this come out with JU7IAN comes along with a hypnotising and absent-minded output, which really lives up to his tag.

Cray - Another (JU7IAN's Blissful Fortitude Remix)
Cray - Another (Angelo D'Antonio's Piano Magic Intervention)