Angelika Vee, Sons Of Maria – Sweet Madness [Enormous Tunes]

A unequalled multitude teaser and hidden playlist railroad, that convinces with vague reggae elements and some pumping club patterns. The development is nothing sawn-off but astounding! US caroller Angelika Vee wrote an superior topline based on the c vocal specimen that initially was employed on the 2009' spoor. A definitive footpath from our catalogue gets a absolutely unusual new treatment by SONS OF MARIA & ANGELIKA VEE. Devise your audience go lunatic with this Scented Illogicality. With the clearing of all the publishers the Sons Of Maria re-created a mark new scent based on that chord progressions of "Elements". At first released by "Dinka" in 2009, the keep up with "Elements" became massive billy hit with EDX's remix in 2010.

Sons Of Maria, Angelika Vee - Sweet Madness (Extended Mix)