Aney F., Metodi Hristov, Rub A Dub – Troubles In My Head [Noexcuse Records]

Rub A Dub's duplicate primary within the EP is titled "Ambiguous Foreigner", In almost identical taste to the one-time actual track, Rub A Dub builds a black and hypnotic spirit from the commencement. Metodi's eclectic making abilities coruscate owing to as his remix captures the steadfast bewildering essences from the primeval, while complimenting the monitor accessory with his signature weighty bassline grooves. Occasion with "Troubles In My CEO", the path straight away begins to raise a suspenseful and arcane soundstage. Punching kicks on top of a faster pulse add a new flare of energy to the monitor, whilst maintaining the vehemence and charisma of the aboriginal. Filled with rifling and aura, this monitor is a have to for the belated nightfall and after-hours sessions. "Troubles In My Gourd" EP by Rub A Dub, exclusively brought to you by NoExcuse Records Welcoming promote a agreeably regarded appellation within the NoExcuse Records people, we are acutely stirred up to apportionment our next make available, "Troubles In My Pate" EP by Rub A Dub. Completing the EP and fetching the innovative into peculiar horizons is a hard-hitting techno remix by Aney F. Combinations of inky and mysterious breakdowns are completed with an accented dissonant synth note on the fall-off, making this rails a superlative tardily vespers all the time calender. The real is spare distinguished by a powerhouse remix by the tremendously eminence Metodi Hristov. Keeping the path flowing and cheerful are rotund groups of percussive elements, seamlessly tying together with the deeper and darker element. Excelling within the tech abode realms, Rub A Dub has been making his sign known across the perseverance. Choke-full grooves teamed with inky and nervous breakdowns are signature traits of his look, which can be exhibited within this monstrousness four pursue EP. This is a remix wholly geared for culmination-spell applications within techno sets. Using a intense, resonating bass riff flowing underneath multiple layers of sybaritic-paced percussion, this trail drives forward with dash structure with every second. Dwarfish yet patronize breakdowns filled with accented synths and unhinged vocals continually bod vigour as the traces progresses, preparing it to decide any set onto the next very. Masterfully produced, this scent compliments the earliest whilst transforming it into a strongly zesty techno slammer.

Rub A Dub - Troubles In My Head (Flow Mix)
Rub A Dub - Troubles In My Head (Metodi Hristov Remix)
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Rub A Dub - Confused Strangers (Aney F. Remix)