Andrew Yukon – Depth Charges [Bravura]

Ghost-like strings notice from this decaying pulsing murk, in the end accompanied by fragile synth plucks for the path's bittersweet outro. Hypnotic bell chimes and vacuous atmospherics are balanced by a adamant sub groove and compressed house rhythms. Joined by quiet synth arpeggiations and sub details, the wake trace builds effortlessly into a tactile and undulating slice of deep, technoid family. After a ephemeral reduction trains the fuzzy on the rhythm parts, these elements are re-introduced, this leisure accompanied by removed, sweeping strings, gently propelling the line skyward. Immense drums and churning 303 sequences are the disposal of the day as the beat ploughs advance – the arrival of cuttingly-cropped, sizzling synth chord washes not adding to the strength. Hollow, distorted tones orbit atop driving drums, interspersed with jangling electronics and harsh digital squawks, like the stiff, garbled sonics of an out of date modem in its undoing throes. From the subaqueous gladness of 'Profundity Charges', Yukon transports us to a cold terra firma with the techno stomp of 'Uphold on Mars'. Marker co-founder Andrew Yukon takes the leadership for Bravura's ninth circulate, delivering a colourful and oppose-filled EP in the frame of Depth Charges. Regular progressions effect that we in no way go too far down the rabbit-fissure and are instead kept subordinate to the spell unbiased enough to revel in the thoughtful tension covert in the loops. 'As In the sky' sees Yukon over exploring abyssal celestial planes, creating an representative dose of latest house music in the modify. Closing this divergent quartet of tracks is the aptly titled 'Acid Bath', a restless chemical fusion of the tougher end of dilatory 80s acid lineage with concurrent techno aesthetics. The EP's designate track opens the set with pacific chord samples and spread out drum shape patterns primary the way. The four-tracker sees the South London regisseur develop ideas explored in his aftermost outing for Bravura, Three Ages, composition on his manifold influences and plotting a performance through esoteric Detroit techno and wit-bending acid parliament.

Andrew Yukon - Depth Charges (Original Mix)
Andrew Yukon - Back On Mars (Original Mix)
Andrew Yukon - As Above (Original Mix)
Andrew Yukon - Acid Bath (Original Mix)