Andrew Riqueza – Paradise [Cinesphere Records]

Let the undisturbed harmonies of this spectacular EP engage you in awe as your inte takes a Passing auspices of 'Abraham’s bosom'. The relaxing melodies and easy percussion convey together a splendid outset of allusion showcasing the miscellaneous forms of formation. 'Instrumentation is principal when it comes to assertion, much like having the suitable sized paint boscage.' Andrew Riqueza returns to Cinesphere Records with a skilful EP entitled 'Heavenly kingdom'. As the calm piano envelopes your senses, the blissful pads produce a new car of nympholepsia to your existence. Let the fervid melodies gush by virtue of your pump and essence as the ambience engulfs your brain intact. 'Materiam' introduces the undisturbed forms and atmospheric sounds of dawning and cheer up for the astuteness. 'Borough Lights' takes your consciousness to an jeopardize roaming the urban district streets at blackness.

Andrew Riqueza - Paradise (Original Mix)
Andrew Riqueza - City Lights (Original Mix)
Andrew Riqueza - Materiam (Original Mix)