Andrew Lewis – Principia [Se7enth Fury Grammaton Records]

Andrew Lewis – Principia is a Multi-Dimensional Progressive Powerhouse

Principia, the latest release from Andrew Lewis is a multi-faceted Trance and Progressive production with a distinct personality. As a monumental expression unmatched, Principia is drenched with infectious beats, hypnotized by transient rhythms and powered by uplifting energy.

Those Nights is a light-hearted progressive mix with a dance-friendly rhythm and delicate melodies. Andrew Lewis uplifts listeners with engrossing energy and hypnotic instrumentals. Those Nights is playful, energetic and bounces with youthful energy.

Following a gentle fade-out on Those Nights, Merge appears with a mysterious ambience, making a dramatic debut. The track fuses together ambient waves and tech-savvy instrumentation to create unforgettable sequences. Catchy riffs abound and the future sounds never fail to cease on Merge.

Aimsir, the next track on the EP, is a complex mix with multiple sound layers. Each wave progresses forward with enthralling sound sequences and various calls from the wild. Aimsir breathes on the atmosphere with a warm presence unlike anything ever experienced. The track takes listeners to a unique space where sound rules.

Andrew Lewis demonstrates his vast skillset with Work It, a striking track composed with sophisticated sequences. Work It opens with a seemingly uncomplicated introduction but quickly deceives the ear as atmospheric waves roll in, opening a new sound factory comprised on driving electronic elements and gritty instrumentals.

Principia by Andrew Lewis is a revolutionary fusion of Trance and Progressive House. Fans will enjoy the variable experiences to be had when delving into each track and traveling throughout ethereal realms, futuristic dimensions and parallel universes. Principia is an experience that will uplift the spirit and power the mind.

Andrew Lewis - Those Nights (Original Mix)
Andrew Lewis - Merge (Original Mix)
Andrew Lewis - Aimsir (Original Mix)
Andrew Lewis - Work It (Original Mix)