Andrew Lang – Visions [Emergent Shores]

'Visions' starts things off with a arcane, calming chord set and off somewhere tone, in front of grooving into 'Bug Catcher' which boasts plenteousness of relaxed FX and dancing plucky melodies. The uplifting air of 'Sunlight', and brisk 'Ellipses' steps things up a level with abundance of animation and joyous melodies to boot whilst 'Fasten' keeps the dancefloor vibe vivacious with flowing arpeggios and an edgy electro bassline that packs quantities of whack. Playing on more melancholic themes is 'Encourage Then' which sets the exhibition for the more mellowed out later stages of the LP with tracks such as the magnificent 'Pendulum' with its serenading balearic guitar part, and the cold-as-a- cucumber 'On and On' which objective screams "careen terrace function at unpunctual sundown". Returning aba to the daytime themes adjacent at the origination of the EP but with more of a held-go finger is 'Elements', and closing things off in genre is the floaty, hypnotic sounds of 'The Anecdote So Far'. To embellish the affair regular extra, a ceaseless mix of all the tracks is handy to download and take advantage of as a non-put an end odyssey middle of Andrew Lang's eclectic mode and characteristic. We hankering you espy our ahead LP hand out 'Visions LP' a captivating and wit-crevice heed, and we fully worth your feedback and p. After day by day releasing chock-a-block left-winger descendants for the most recent three years on labels like Elliptical Sun Melodies, Freegrant Music, and Increasing Race Worldwide, we are proud to for the time being Andrew Lang's 'Visions LP' on Emergent Shores.

Andrew Lang - Visions (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - Bug Catcher (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - Sunlight (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - Ellipses (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - Rope (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - Back Then (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - Pendulum (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - On & On (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - Elements (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - The Story So Far (Original Mix)
Andrew Lang - Visions LP (Continuous Mix)