Andrew Duke, Elpierro – Control Ep [Nice & Nasty]

Elpierro's Control EP is a deep, melodic fusion of deep house and melodic techno. Control EP features 4 trax: 3 original pieces from Elpierro Aedicula, Colchagua and Mariposa plus a bonus mix of Aedicula by Andrew Duke. Elpierro is a hidden gem of the German pantheon of electronic music. Like most German house music, Elpierro is hidden behind the techno, minimal and the trance scenes but nonetheless is an important player in the tapestry of electronic music culture. As a DJ and Producer, Elpierro makes music for him, by him and doesnt feel the need to fit into some category or easily blend in the background of some over hyped genre. Aedicula is a deep, brooding journey into the depths of the mind that Kubrick would no doubt have loved. Colchagua on the other hand is a bit more lively, a bit of a free spirit but nonetheless deep and spacey. Mariposa is something all together different with its stuttering beat and deep, nasty rhythm that is all together a bit sexy. Andrew Duke's remix of Aedicula is an space odyssey of beats and rthymn that would have Kubrick dancing in the isle in what is an all together real sonic trip, a real sci fi experience of deep grooves and melody. For bookings info@ …

Elpierro - AEDICULA (Original Mix)
Elpierro - COLCHAGUA (Original Mix)
Elpierro - MARIPOSA (Original Mix)
Elpierro - AEDICULA (Andrew Duke Remix)