Andrew Betley – Lost In Translation Ep [Onefold Digital]

Rubric way 'Wasted In Decoding' whisks you away with soaring synth lines and fluttering percussion notes, underlaid with a unchanging but transmissible w. Next up on Onefold Digital we fetch you a sparkling gem of an EP from the Emerald Isle, 'Helpless In Transformation', from Dublin producing forte Andrew Betley. Ramping up the bass, the balmy, syrupy melodiousness gives way to a captivating, bluesy vocal. With impaired slot, 'If You Don't Sensible of Principled', Betley serves up a hotter, after-dull resound. Swathes of soft serene vocals top off Betley's charming mixture, effortlessly walking the edge between chilled dwelling and bop overthrow anthem. Two undergo-out examples of how vocal race should be done. This two track oblation combines splendiferous vocal quarters sounds with infinitely danceable manufacturing, making for a pure mid-summer untie.

Andrew Betley - Lost In Translation (Original Mix)
Andrew Betley - If You Don't Feel Right (Original Mix)