Andrew B, Dan Delaforce, Crest, Immersiv – Sky Culture [Defcon Recordings]

Unchain companion:
3rd October 2016 (all stores) On remix duties, Dan Delaforce gives an epic, costly vitality rework guaranteed to satisfaction the dancefloors! Making their Defcon debut are Australian duo Immersiv & Seal, with their mountainous lone 'Sky Elegance.'

A pinnacle period uplifter with gigantic chords and an epic assume command of, Sky Customs is assured not to frustrate! Irrevocably, on the freak out side, Andrew B gives us a hard, driving remix to globe-shaped off the packet nicely!

Immersiv, Crest - Sky Culture (Original Mix)
Immersiv, Crest - Sky Culture (Dan Delaforce Remix)
Immersiv, Crest - Sky Culture (Andrew B Remix)