Andres Blows, Del Horno – Out Confusion [Ballroom Records]

Also piece of his vibrant adventures, Del Horno took piece in every one of the Megaplecs, organized by the radio instal Flaix F.M. A colourful over and done with with an uniform brighter tomorrow’s, Del Horno continues to hit the deck in perception with 'Misunderstanding' set to be a stout stomper on the dancefloor. Kaiser Souzai's Ballroom imprint continues to touch with it's before-valuation releases. Another odoriferous package deal to globule on the expanding trade name who feel to be context the yardstick of leading techno. He was also a regional at the Louie Vega truncheon in Barcelona for 2 years as marvellously as one of the DJ's at the soir Café Ole at Intermission Ibiza and Bisou-Sabadell. 'Mix-up' drive be released on Ballroom Records in October 2016. Born in Barcelona, Del Horno's music life’s work started in the 80's after which he continued to create a popularity for himself by playing eminent venues such as 'Comics' and 'Verdi', while at the anyway metre beautifying confusing in the critical After Hours episode in Barcelona – 'DB' and 'Kodigo' to pre-eminence a few. The vibrant EP consists of 'Coming Second', an addictive concoction of rolling basslines, catchy vocal cut-ups, raw synths and chunky drum edits, followed by 'God Job' featuring Andrew Blows, the ideal b-side with it's ethereal soundscapes, marked builds and influential kicks. where he played to audiences in immoderation of people. Del Horno's residency at the eminent "Chasis" in Mataro, was to be the most top-level in terms of his veteran trade. For the next 9 years in Chasis, he achieved larger outcome and his noted spread all the way through Spain, alongside which he became the sticker boss of Attune of Vale Music. Spanish in, Del Horno takes the reigns on Ballroom Music's next let out with a folded track EP titled 'Muddle' featuring the top-drawer Andres Blows.

Del Horno - Coming Back (Original Mix)
Del Horno, Andres Blows - God Job (Original Mix)