Andrea Speed, Manuel De Lorenzi – Company Ep [Bad Barbie Records]

We have the tremendous pleasure to welcome Manuel De Lorenzi to Bad Barbie Records with his Company EP, including three ground-shaking tracks for our next vinyl release. The first track called Company as ep, starts with a solid tech house base composed by several old school elements, like the hi-hats, with a great organic and raw sound. But is not after that the main synth riff enters the scene that the story really begins and the groove is finally completed. This synth riff with a subtle delay effect that plays around in the stereo image, truly creates a fantastic vibe, which gets round up beautifully by the bass line that finally gives this track an amazing party groove. The second track called A Child has a more elaborated groove and a deeper vibe than then previous one. With several percussion layers articulating each other and plenty of occasional fx and sounds, combined with the deep stabs and synth in the backend, create a cloudy atmosphere that is near the border of hypnotic too. A great delicate track with a superb quality to listen and play. The last of this three tracks is Jack Malleus, a fantastic collaboration between Manuel and Andrea Speed, which resulted in nothing less than a powered deep tech driven by an involving and groovy string bass line. The constant texture sounds in the backend working as pads, and the crazy and tweaked vocals, complement all together working perfectly as the main responsible sounds to elaborate the underground and yet strong ambience that characterizes this track.

Manuel De Lorenzi - Company (Original Mix)
Manuel De Lorenzi - A Child (Original Mix)
Manuel De Lorenzi, Andrea Speed - Jack Malleus (Original Mix)