Andre Sobota, Movement Machina – No For An Answer [Mango Alley]

Finnish finesse features in boundless energy through the effervescent sounds of Movement Machina. A rising star in the dance music firmament finds a sprinkling of stardust at the inception of a glittering Anjuna career. Taking "No for an Answer", organic and synthetic blend in a whirlpool of melodic counterpoint. The sun shines brightly lighting up a coruscating arpeggio sequence as hypnotic and eloquent as the eddying current in their kaleidoscopic colour of refracted movement. Cerulean blue skies find a place in the "Real Regal"; delays shimmer in the glistening azure ocean, their tessellate array casting infinitely shifting patterns through glassy waters as filtered melody revels in analogue mutability.

Brazilian heat brings sultry rhythm and trademark soundscapes to the fore, Andre Sobota hits dizzying heights with stratospheric waveforms and shimmering melody. A myriad of shapes and colours jostle in the gentle summer breeze. A crescendo of euphoric sound bursts open in glorious bloom, the gently pulsating audio waves tie nature's sound in delightful hypnotic unison. A maelstrom of noise tamed through a conduit of bright fluidity.

In constant state of flux, a bold, bright colourful world revolves in Movement Machina.

Movement Machina - No for an Answer (Original Mix)
Movement Machina - No for an Answer (Andre Sobota Remix)
Movement Machina - Real Regal (Original Mix)