Andre Hommen, Cj Jeff – Keep Watching Me [Glasgow Underground]

Complimenting Jeff's sturdy autochthonous is a extraordinary mysterious tour from Andre Hommen. Hommen's "Battery Estate" is one of our favourite wide records from the hindmost several of years and the Objektivity fa man takes "Hang on to Watching Me", adds a downhearted-ass bassline and some hub-plucking arps to get rid of with a mix that shows – to us anyway – that he is up there with Dixon when it comes to hypnotic, demonstrative home music. It featured on our Amsterdam group conclusive year and picked up amity from the likes of The Mekanism & James Dail. Sounding like the unsophisticated cousin of Villalobos' Mari Kvien Brunvoll mix from 2013, this is our amiable of 4am in Ibiza. "Maintain Watching Me" is one of those awesome records that manages to give a 100%% dancing party-boarding focussed scratch AND a Bluebeard vocal on top. It's from someday Sabb collaborator, CJ Jeff. His foremost recording for GU was the wonderfully shady "What 2 Do". In from: , Matt Sassari, Piemont, Phonique, Seff, Adam Saville (DJ Mag), Hector Romero, Mihalis Safras, Alaia & Gallo, Hollen, Tom Breu (Rado 1 Alight, Germany), Mia Dora, Chris Lake, MoodyManc, Nhan Unaccompanied, Paco Osuna, Angelo Ferreri, Vanilla Ace, Severino, Tjerk Coers (Armada), Deepshakerz, Sway, Robert Owens, Dantiez, Susinho, Brett Gould, Marco Resmann, Brigado Corps, Steve Lawler…

We org something a wee bit idiosyncratic for you today.

Cj Jeff - Keep Watching Me (Original Mix)
Cj Jeff - Keep Watching Me (Andre Hommen Remix)