And Vice Versa, Ken’Ichi Itoi, Naohiro Tomisawa – Voices From Far Away Ep [MYTH]

This tracks inclination fit sufficiently with the scratch on the ball down. Such as swaying and minimalist cadency patterns. It's the later distribute from Story. This,
along with the remixers, occupies a brawny ingredient of the activities in
Kansai, Japan, which are being produced by AVV(And Degradation Versa) and,
whose copyrights proprietress is Ken'ichi Itoi. In this music holding, he recorded acoustic two hypnotic tracks. The EP intent be released by Naohiro Tomisawa who all in all plays in below-ground of Kansai, Japan.

Naohiro Tomisawa - Brown Gray (Original Mix)
Naohiro Tomisawa - Brown Gray (Ken'ichi Itoi Remix)
Naohiro Tomisawa - Blue Purple (Original Mix)
Naohiro Tomisawa - Blue Purple (And Vice Versa Remix)