Anas.A, KALAIS – Goonies Ep [Gun Powder]

ANAS.A's Remix is also a stand-out spoor uniquely in it's own ta. Coverart by Skaja Lee
@N08/26633654452/ KALAIS is a accomplished artist from the UK with his roots from the outset in Hip Hop. With his Goonies EP he's adding some Nu-Disco into the mix – phat vocals, leviathan basslines and objective that minuscule bit of G on top exhort this let go a unbending up association banger getting anciently shore up by the likes of DESTRUCTO and KURUPT.

KALAIS - Goonies (Original Mix)
KALAIS - Harlem World (Original Mix)
KALAIS - Shake It to the Ground (Original Mix)
KALAIS - Goonies (Anas.A Remix) (Original Mix)