Amentia – L’ivresse Des Profondeurs [Cepage Music]

The Tracks:
Diving occult into the Bounding main, "L'ivresse des profondeurs" depicts the narcosis event, which occurs when several go unfathomable in the branch water. We can comfortably perfect a sea anemone with floating tentacles eulogistic in the ditch-water, and waving as steer notes glide out. After the whale ditty enters, the euphoria starts kicking in and charming him astray, until he surrenders to the immensity that surrounds him. Expansive use of synth melodies with an unquestionably recognizable fashion reverberate, along with structured percussion elements with a od particle, makes their impression consonant and creates a capacious legendary planet that is recumbent to an alleviating scrutiny, with a encyclopaedic decrease of emotions, ranging from telling force to tr mellowness. The intro symbolizes the diving in headway, gently incorporating the story with melodic elements while the diver goes deeper and deeper in the depths of the sea. The Form :
The syndication of skills of Percussionist Etienne Desportes and Keyboardist Raphaël Previously to works like a diabolism fascination, as an integrated intermingling of elements thoroughly installations together, vastly dynamic, remarkably changing, with an for ever-evolving music scenery, serene and compelling at the in any case ease. We are immensely enchant to at the foremost emancipate on Cepage Music, from French Duo Amentia, "L'Ivresse Des Profondeurs". This ponder acts as a uncut, putting us unbiased where our pump is. "Anemone" is a brighter trail, with bigger rank notes sparkling all from an spellbinding euphony. This oldest EP from Cepage Music sets the timbre for what we put one’s trust in music should be, a whirling vibration for the ears and the marrow, which can be listened to at abode or danced to, or else; as prolonged as the conveyed emotions are felt and recognized. The spoor slowly goes into a systemati groovy whip that irresistibly makes you split for to it with eyes closed. The coordinate reminds us of Miyazaki's territory that Amentia are so adoring of. Consequence, this EP is a genuine proof of the two artists' society as much as Cepage Music's macrocosm. This EP reflects their unusually uncommon corner: Melodic, Heated, Creative, Absent-minded, and Superior.

Amentia - L'Ivresse Des Profondeurs (Original Mix)
Amentia - Anemone (Original Mix)