Amelie Lens – Let It Go – Ep [Second State]

Greeting Amelie Lens! Kicking things off is the hypnotically inducing 'Rude' with looping vocals laid exceeding an continually increasing power of percussion and creamy hullabaloo. The epithet slot 'Let It Go' is up next and is by far the most 'impudent' song of the EP with a twisted acid oblique swirling hither the undeviating begging of Lens' speech encouraging you to 'Let It Go, Let It Out'. It is with a hot ado that we can for all signal the next EP in our catalog from our newest extension to the Subsequent Constitution household: Amelie Lens. Much like the EP opener, 'Linger On' casts the in any case time yet picks up the stride with racing snares and impermanent synth washes creating a acutely euphoric hector. Rounding out the EP is 'The Finest Hour' and Lens wraps up her inauguration with the most psychedelic cut of the combine. Low rumbling bass tones and spaced out pads exceeding sparing drums decamp lots of compartment for the mental acuity providing each listener to manufacture their own way to cruise. Through the time of four tracks Lens takes us on a journey-de-vigour route into the cerebral spaces of eleemosynary, dismal rooms and flashing strobe lights. To boot being entirely a multi-wizard wizard, the Belgian artist comes in hot and copious for her introduction come out with 'Let It Go' and with it showcases her skilfulness for sombre, bitter-pungency techno. If this is Amelie Lens' inauguration with us, we await a lot of absolutely big things to go about a find from the girlish Belgian and so should you.

Amelie Lens - Wild (Original Mix)
Amelie Lens - Linger On (Original Mix)
Amelie Lens - Let It Go (Original Mix)
Amelie Lens - The Finest Hour (Original Mix)