Ame Vent, Herve Ak, J Dovy – True Emotions [somanymusic]

Call : Unelaborated EmotionsArtist : J DovyCatalog# : DVM00050Hallmark : somanymusicTrack Catalogue raisonn1 11h11 (Autochthonous Mix)2 Just Be with You (Herve Ak Remix)3 Only be with You (Autochthonous Mix)4 11h11 (Ame Enunciate Remix)Credits all tracks written, connected and produced by Jean produced by Herve Nicod civility of produced by Sergey Pollakwebsite : http: http: : https: https: : https: https:

J Dovy - 11h11 (Original Mix)
J Dovy - Only Be With You (Herve Ak Remix)
J Dovy - Only Be With You (Original Mix)
J Dovy - 11h11 (Ame Vent Remix)